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Meredith is a veteran of the fashion world with over 15 years of experience running the gamut of the industry in New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles. A recent transplant from NYC to Miami, Meredith has shifted her passion for design towards interiors.

Meredith’s design principles were shaped by the 4 years she spent living in India, where she was drawn to the elements of Asian design—from the sound of trickling water to the tranquility of floating lotus flowers—and how nature and landscaping are integrated into interiors to generate a sense of calm and well-being. Her travels around India broadened her scope of vernacular architecture and artistry, developing her understanding for how the country’s lack of resources gave rise to sustainable practices and local sourcing, which has fostered a conservationist mindset throughout the culture. She became deeply inspired by the rich traditions of India’s skilled artisans, and the notion that the human hand can touch just about every aspect of life.  

When she returned to New York in 2013, Meredith studied the foundations of interior design and architecture at the New York School of Interior Design. During her course work, she experimented with designs for a garden-to-table “living forest” dining experience at Miami’s Botanica restaurant, transformed an old firehouse into an airy shared space for a Brazilian artist in NYC, and created a wheelchair accessible oceanfront oasis for an internationally renowned artist in Long Beach, NY.

Upon completion of her formal education and training, Meredith and her family exchanged the bustle of NYC for the serenity of Miami, seeking a closer connection to the natural world and an opportunity to work within the context of the lush, tropical landscape. Meredith’s curiosity for environmental design has led her to further her studies in landscaping, interiorscaping, biophilic design, biomimicry, passive building, net zero homes, and more. 

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