Fractured Atlas Office

Newly designed NYC Headquarters that will integrate the flexible working style and ethos of corporate wellness. The plan was inspired by the corporate logo, using the idea of smaller individual parts that function together to make up a whole space.

Program requirements:

Various Conference Rooms
Although the staff is fairly small, there are 30+ Board members who visit the office for meetings, so a large conference room was a requirement. The artists need smaller private rooms for video conferencing. Regular staff meetings require a medium conference room.

Collaborative Workstations to accommodate the flexible work-style of the staff.
Private Offices: (7) executive offices.
Workstations: (4+) Workstations for guests, interns, and volunteers.
Reception: Reception desk and reception area for up to 15 guests.

Additional Requirements:

– Kitchenette and pantry
– Coffee bar
– Mail facility
– Research library
– Coat closets
– General storage


The company commitment to wellness is reflected in the new spaces designated for massage, lactation, and rest. Additional facilities include a large terrace, table tennis, and bike storage area. There are several green and breakout spaces, a well as a communal ‘graffiti wall’ to encourage dialogue between artists and visitors.


Fractured Atlas


Midtown Manhattan, NY